I’m Hannah, a fuzz mom of two and a counselor, musician, artist and writer. I mostly just needed a place to write down my thoughts, so if you stumbled across this page, well, I’m sorry. If you’re lucky, you may find a short story or two around, or some poems or songs, in addition to random ramblings about my thoughts.

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“Autumn’s sweet, we call it fall
I’ll make it to the moon if I have to crawl”

From the blog

  • Waking Up Anxious
    I woke up anxious today. And yesterday. I feel good, excited, ecstatic about the changes in my life happening! But tell my nervous system that. No, for real, tell it please, because it doesn’t seem to be getting the message. Did you know, speaking of, that the right brain doesn’t understand language? The right brainContinue reading “Waking Up Anxious”
  • Dear Diary
    I have a lot going on lately, and this blog is my diary, damnit, not a place to perform for my 17 followers (whom probably a quarter of are bots, right?) and write epic essays all the time! I kid, thanks for following me guys, I just notice how my writing changes when it’s beingContinue reading “Dear Diary”
  • Well This is Sad
    apnews.com/article/22d92afbc3ea9ed519be007f8887bcf6 Basically says “poor country’s are begging for vaccine patents and info and rich corporate vaccine makers are saying fuck you, that’s business bitch.”
  • Trump Hikes Hotel Prices
    So, I was curious as to why Q-Anoners think Trump is going to become president again March 4th (for various nonsensical reasons; good luck to you all, I’m sure your Rapture will happen on the projected date as always), and I discovered the delightful (-ly sad) information that the Trump Hotel hikes its room pricesContinue reading “Trump Hikes Hotel Prices”
  • “The Universe Does the Most When You’re Moving the Least”
    I got the job. I’ll put in my notice Monday (which I planned to do whether or not I was hired), and after eight more shifts I’ll never work another day in crisis work again, probably. And it’s even sweeter than I’m not settling, I’m leaving for a job and place I feel very excitedContinue reading ““The Universe Does the Most When You’re Moving the Least””
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